Blackberry blogging

24 Apr

After composing my first entry yesterday afternoon, I immediately downloaded a WordPress app for my phone. You see, I spend more time with my phone than with any other gadgets I own, and I love how functional Blackberry is. Especially for heavy social network users and chronic online chatters like me. While I am aware that iPhone does the same with iMessage and whatnots, I just feel comfortable with my BB. Before I decided to get a Blackberry almost a year ago, I had into consideration that I don’t really play games on my phone, save for the occassional Sudoku and Bejewelled; and that as I’ve mentioned, I’m a heavy social media user. Guess I’m okay having my dose of Temple Run and Draw Something (which I’m really, really terrible at!) whenever my dad’s not using his iPad.

I digress.

This is actually a test run if this app works just as fine as the web version. Note that I’ve been trying to upload this entry since 9pm, as you may have noticed the time on image above; and that this is the third time I’m revising this entry, adding this chunk of paragraph. I’ve sought help from WordPress gods through Google, and I hope this thing work. For chrissakes, it’s already 2am!

So let’s try this one more time.


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