So hottt

24 Apr

Even Mao can’t stand the heat! For the meantime, he asks, “I can haz your crunchy eggz?”

The heat has been unbearable! Since March, I’ve been bathing a maximum of five times a day, during weekends and I have got not a plan to go out because it’s hell outside.

Thing is, I also can’t stay inside my room because that part of the house is where the sun sets. So parang pugon talaga sa kwarto ko! It’s so bad that my Fittonia is starting to wilt; its leaves are starting to fall off! Le zad. 😦

I don’t know what fortune I have that my shift this month starts at 3pm. Though it’s maddening hot whenever I leave for work and after I park my car, I just think about how comfy it is in the office with the aircon blasting cold air. Ahhhh. Pneumonia, anyone?

Speaking of pneumonia, doing such also induce cough and colds. The virus are currently doing its rounds here in the office. Thankfully, I was spared with the fever and sniffles that came with it. I’m still coughing, though.

Aside from the soothing aircon’d room, what else gives comfort but food! Hot or cold weather, food never fails. During our daily snacks before starting our daily grind, my colleagues and I set out to the nearest street food stand near our office. Our daily fare consists of quail and chicken eggs dipped in flavourful yellow flour and deep-fried crunchy. I did not bring enough change so I settled for chicken eggs.

Yummy freshly cooked kwek-kwek

Yummy freshly cooked kwek-kwek

Soon after finishing our eggs, le wild mamang sorbetero appears! Oh joy!

Dirty ice cream on sugar cone. Haven't had this for decades!

Dirty ice cream on sugar cone. Haven’t had this for decades!

Yummy dirty ice cream of different flavours: chocolate, avocado and cheese. It has been a long time since I last ate one, and it better be good! And boy, it was good.

I just hope the heat mellows down, like pronto. News just in that today was the hottest at 36 degrees! That’s hot!!! I’m scared of having heat stroke and a skyrocketing electricity bill!

How do you combat this heat?


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