19 Aug

Two weeks ago, I was contemplating on hiding my birth date to the world, a.k.a Facebook. For four years now, I had almost half of my friends list greeting me on my special day. Not that I don’t want greetings from anyone this time, but I wanted to test who among my 400-plus friends will remember.

I turned a year older last week. Also, I gave in to my impulse of locking my birthday all to myself.

They say that celebrating a quarter of a century marks a milestone in one’s life. For one, it was indeed a breakthrough that I celebrated my silver anniversary in this planet. Before I turned 25, I’ve hurdled a lot of obstacles and conquered challenges. Before this day, I have made life-changing decisions that entail a lot of discernment, prayer, and even a change of heart. Sure, there have been a lot of regret and disappointments. But no man (or woman like me) can say that there is not much learning by committing mistakes. I learned this the hard way this year.

What have I learned in my first quarter of a century?

You live, you learn. The world may be as big as you can imagine but inasmuch as you want to open yourself up, you will soon realize that there’s really nothing much. You are just left with very limited decisions: yes or no, left or right, black or white. Either you succeed or fail. But no matter what outcome you end up with, you still get to learn. In fact, you learn more when you fail. So after falling, make sure to dust yourself off and try, try harder next time; and vow not to commit the same mistake again.

After a quite disappointing turn before I hit my quarter life, I’ve realized that rash decisions won’t be of any help at all. Sure, there are people who are really fast at pushing your buttons. Are those the people that really matter in my life; and do I really matter in theirs? Should I live my life based on what these insignificant people say; or believe the wise words of the people who believed in me no matter how many times I’ve failed?

I also learned how to pray and have a quality relationship with God. I had to admit that when I was younger and much more foolish, I had a bout with skepticism. My whole life being Catholic, I was raised with numerous beliefs and practices that I once thought as unnecessary and time-consuming. But I suppose God made His way towards my life and showed me how He’s able to move mountains for me, my family and loved ones. He showed me that I need not convert to another sect just for me to have a good relationship with Him. My Lord has been my bestest friend and He’s never failed to leave me at awe with the things He can do for me despite me thinking that I am undeserving of His love and faithfulness.

Turning #silver is a milestone for me. Even before this day, I’ve been challenged to make life-changing decisions and leaps of faith. And I guess the obstacles that I’ve found & leapt will make me a better and stronger person in the coming years. I am truly looking forward to that.

And oh, there were still a number of friends who greeted me despite the non-appearance of my natal day on Facebook. I am super thankful for them, and I am truly blessed to have them in my life. Free pizza for these people! #kidding


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