Aaaand I’m back!

14 Dec

Hello, hello! Yes, I’m back. There have been so many things that happened in between this and the previous post, so sorry if I haven’t been updating that much!

Well, I’m sure you’ve heard about the big career leap I had this year. If this is a yearend post, I would say that 2012 provided me with an adventurous career ride! But I’ll reserve that for another post maybe before the year ends, yes? Good.

Stick around as I have more kwentosΒ in store for everyone–I just have to sort my brain to give you that nice blog entry y’all been waiting for! Haha!

And oh oh, I wrote this entry’s draft using Evernote–a nifty app I just discovered after switching to Android! Yes my dears, big leap indeed! πŸ™‚


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