I am piqued by online handles such as IamJaneDoe, ThisisSuperJane, ImMisterJohnDoe, etc. Such creative people, really! But sarcasm aside, I just wish people were creative enough to make and leave a mark here in cyberspace. I’m not saying that notKassy is creatively thought of, because really, it wasn’t. It actually started as a Twitter account I made just so I can participate in our company’s goal of trending worldwide. And I figured that a prior Twitter account set on private just won’t cut it, or so I thought.

There is nothing innerestingΒ about me, except that I love to write my occasional brain farts. After college and while at the mercy of the daily grind of adulthood, I created a Twitter account. I figured out, though, that 140 characters just isn’t enough. So off I made a new Blogger account that’s different from the previous ones I had back when I was still studying. After awhile I deleted it, because I thought I wasn’t making any good sense. Made another one and neglected it because I think it sucked piss. In the near future, I hope to muster the courage to post some random ramblings I made in that blog. I’ll keep it a secret for the meantime. πŸ˜‰

Aside from more than 140-character brain farts, you may get to know my interests in fashion and make-up. Oh but I don’t own a closetful of clothes! Mine’s just full of basic stuff that I love to play around with. And oh by the way, I don’t own a magazine-worthy body. But who cares, anyway? My body does not define me as a person! I’m fine being my gregarious self, and I guess I’ve kept friends who love me not for my shape, but for who I am. That’s just one of my advocacies as a blogger: to just be confident and healthy, regardless of what body shape you are.

And oh, before I forget! I will have to forewarn you of grammatical errors you may encounter here. I’m not totally perfect, you see. I might miss one or two or a lot of them!Β So please be kind enough to forgive me! And dear Grammar Nazi, I know how much it irks you the same way I’m a Spelling Nazi, but please save me some kind words to me if you really feel the urge to correct me!

Enjoy reading! πŸ™‚


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