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BTB (Back to Blogging)

3 Aug

Hello, readers! Do I have any? Haha! Sorry if I haven’t been updating. If my busy work schedule is a valid excuse then please let me make up to it right at this very moment. I have a lot of comments unanswered from the cat bite entries, mostly because I haven’t opened this blog in ages. SO SORRY. Anyway, if you’ve any pressing questions you may go shoot me a tweet (it’s @notKassy), as I find tweeting a simpler way to talk to the peoples in cyberspace hihi 🙂

Anyway, I’m setting up a different blog right hurr not because I hate WordPress (please, it’s not you, it’s me!) but because I’m used to Blogger. Need I explain it in length? I figured out so. 

So I guess, see you there?


Hey 2014!

26 Jan

OMG I HAVEN’T BLOGGED IN YEARS!!! Ok that’s exag, but seriously, I haven’t touched this thing for months! I’ve been meaning to, you know? 

Anywho, I know it’s late for me to greet everyone a Happy 2014 but hey it’s never too late as Chinese New Year’s coming up so Xin Nian Kuai Le! I’m pretty optimistic about this year, and just like my awesome 2013, I hope that this New Year will be as fun, thrilling and of course, more successful. 

Oh, and have I mentioned about my new work? Haha! That’s keeping me busy since I was hired late last year. I’ve big shoes to fill and more challenges to face, but rest assured that this year I won’t be abandoning this space for a long period…promise! 😉

Sample! Sample! Sample!

28 Oct

My mom told me that I have this bad habit of buying beauty products, only to waste an enormous amount of money once I discover that my skin reacts differently to an ingredient, or I find it too tedious to apply, or just because I’ve purchased another product with the same purpose, and later on I will just dump it and forget about. It’s a cycle, really. Most times these products end up expiring, or my mom finishes it for me; and at rare times I give it to our household help. Early this year, I cleared my dresser of stuff that I don’t use anymore, and vowed not to fill up precious space with bottles upon bottles of expensive goop I don’t finish.

Enter Sample Room. I can’t remember where I discovered this gem of a site mid this year where users are given points to sample health and beauty product for free–well, not really for free, because samplers will be asked to pay a minimal amount for shipping–and more points after writing a short product review. My first sample was a cleansing cream that, unfortunately, did not meet my expectations. Can you imagine yourself buying a full product size amounting to around Php 1000k, and not use it? That’s frikkin’ expensive for a product that is said to be good in what it does, but in reality it’s the other way around!

A few weeks back, the drugstore sunblock I’ve been using ran out already. I’ve been meaning to replace it, but I delayed purchasing a new brand. I wanted to try VMV’s Armada line of sunscreen because I’ve been hearing from beauty experts that by far it’s the best sunscreen in the market; and being a VMV Id user for almost a year now, it must be really good! Off I went to the nearest VMV to inquire about the price, and it costs an arm and a leg! Hehe no, not really, but it’s enough to feed me til the next pay day.

I mulled it over for weeks, searching for cheaper alternatives over the net. I was about to doze off when I told myself that I’ll be opening my last webpage for the day–Sample Room. Lo and behold, they have samples of VMV Armada Sport! Without batting an eyelash, I ordered my sample and paid for it the next day.

This package greeted me this morning:



















The vial: Cute! It also came with a branded spatula. Thoughtful, isn’t it?


The goop. It’s not runny nor too thick. It didn’t feel heavy or sticky at all when I slathered it onto my face.















Today I went out to exercise my right to suffrage for the barangay elections. The precinct is just a few blocks away, so I put on some sunscreen on my face. It’s not at all sticky, and my face didn’t sting at all even under the blasting heat of the noon sun.

Verdict: I like it! I might even use it as a make-up primer and be ultimately useful for beach trips, field work and other tasks that requires me to stay under the sun for hours! Because it’s extra creamy sans the heaviness, a little goes a long way and it covers a huge surface of the skin. Talk about value for my moolah!

How about you, have you tried ordering trial packs from

Yesterday’s rain

18 Jun

If you’re one of the multitude of motorists or commuters who got stuck in the terrible EDSA jam or the mile-long queue going into the MRT, I wish to congratulate you for surviving yesterday!

I, too, was affected by the horror story that is commuting in Metro Manila after a torrential downpour.

At 3pm, the clouds are showing telling signs that no, you’re bound to stay late in the office; and that probably includes some time in traffic.


We busied ourselves with work (of course, that’s after whipping out our smartphones to Instagram the Armageddon-ish skies) and forgot for awhile how bad the weather is outside. Colleagues who are fixing themselves a cup of coffee in the pantry gave us blow-by-blow updates if the rain’s starting to fall, or if people on the streets have their umbrellas opened already; or how the EDSA traffic situation is faring at that time.

5pm-ish, the rain fell. Hard. Our accountant, who came in soggy from our sister company some two blocks away reported that it’s already half-tire flooded in front of our building. Yikes. Everyone decided to camp out in the office while it’s still stormy outside and traffic is a standstill. I took the chance to clean my desk after my two-week mandatory hiatus (which I will talk about in the next coming posts). Sorry, forgot to take photos.

For the last time, I checked our window facing EDSA if the jam is still that terrible (it still was). It was getting late and the rain don’t seem to want to let up; but at least at around past 8pm it was just drizzling. Still can’t decide at this point if I should take the bus or the train going home.


At 9pm, my colleagues N, C, A and I packed up and left the office. N headed towards Pasig where she lives, A walked towards Podium where she’s parked; while C and I walked to Galleria terminals to see if we could take our respective routes there. The lines are too long and the buses and shuttles are too packed, so we retreated to Megamall where we separated and headed to our own destinations.

I was supposed to take the bus going Fairview but to my dismay, there were no buses entering the Megamall bus bays and commuters have started to parade EDSA hoping that there will be buses willing to take them in. Nah, don’t want to trouble myself doing that, so I walked to the Ortigas station of the MRT, where I had to endure the looooong lines. Apparently, there were trains that broke down, hence the delay and the congestion in the northbound concourses. Past 10pm. Le sigh.

I arrived Kamuning a few minutes before 11pm. That’s after battling it out with other passengers who pushed themselves into the train. God, I almost made out with the train door! That’s how cramped the train was. To add to the frustration, there were no tricycles or cabs available at the street level of the station, so I had to walk towards GMA to hail a cab.

I got home a little past 11pm, tired, spent and beaten up. Oh hello there, rainy season.

Short hair: Check!

16 Jun

I did it.

It was part of my New Year’s Resolution, among other things that still needs to be accomplished before this year ends. There’s no one stopping me, not one speck on this planet. Not one.

Well, except for my hairdresser.

Remember when I said I wanted a Michelle Williams pixie? Josie of Elevation Salon vehemently said no, it does not suit you. It will not complement the shape of your face. Your hair strands are too fine.

No, Kassy. Not pixie.

Because she’s been our family’s go-to person when it comes to hair styling (yup, she’s the same Josie, formerly from Tinette and Co.) since time immemorial, I gave her my approval but not without another request:

“Can you colour it red, though?”

And her resounding YES lit up my face like a goddamn Christmas light on Christmas Eve.


It sure is a struggle to be strapped on a salon chair just reading various beauty magazines, most I’ve read gazillion times while having my nails did at a favourite nail spa near our place. A relief, indeed, that Elevation Salon has free wifi for clients and–ahem–waiting husbands and boyfriends. In fact, I was able to upload this before photo pronto on Instagram.


No, I didn’t get that bored since my college best friend A of Dominadorable fame (fame talaga?!) tagged along with me to have her virgin hair coloured by a pro for the first time. Yay, A! As a matter of fact, it was our first salon bonding time together in our nine years of friendship! We enjoyed our treatments, since we were well taken cared of by the salon staff, plus the place is so spacious, unlike other salons that are too cramped and too noisy!

I didn’t realize that time was running fast, that my treatments are over and my hair cut short. I was kept busy by friends’ well wishes on IG and Facebook on my long-awaited makeover.


Photo taken by the boyfriend, who came all the way from a company outing (Top: From Mom; Lounge Pants: Uniqlo; Shoes: SM Parisian+)


Here we are! All new and purrrty and celebrating our ninth year of friendship!


Just a little back store: I got to know A during our college orientation at La Salle. There was a vacant seat next to this scrawny, metal-mouthed girl and the Lasallian Ambassador assigned to us had me sit beside her. I was this noisy kid trying to be friendly (and noisy) with everyone and there she was, sinking on her seat wondering what the forks she got into. Haha! Love you, A!


And of course, we are well-supported by our loves! Yay!!!

(Elevation Salon is at the Building 3 of Jannov Plaza, 2295 Pasong Tamo Ext., Makati City. It’s right in front of Saatchi House, and just beside where Juju Eats is.)

Oh, June!

16 Jun

Yea yea, I know I haven’t updated this since last month. I promised to talk about my hair makeover but things got in the way! So what better way to make up to y’all is to get things done!

The month of June has been consistently notorious for throwing sh*t at me. No matter how much I say, “June, please be awesome!” or “June, please be good to me!”, it will never happen. Looking at the bright side though, the past five Junes have taught me that, well, sh*t do happen and when it does, you gotta learn from it! No use sulking and crying over spilled milk!

We’re halfway past June and although as usual, things did not turn out the way I wanted it to be (I’ll blog about this later, PROMISE!) I was able to catch up on rest and realise that health is indeed wealth! So yay for midyear lifestyle changes for me! 😉

What should you expect from me, then?


From long locks to a lob, aka long bob! Just because my hairstylist vetoed my pixie cut plan. Not complaining! 🙂


Measles schmeasles, and my mandatory house arrest on the first half of June

Not much, I know! Will absolutely make time for this baby! Stick around, y’all! 🙂

YOLO…or twice, thrice…more lives, more fun (that is, if you’re a cat!): A Conclusion

5 May

EDIT JANUARY 26 2014: This entry, this post and this post has received the most number of viewers in this blog. People, if you have been bitten by an animal, much more a stray one, RUN TO THE NEAREST EMERGENCY ROOM NOW! Click this link to find the most convenient hospital for you to go. Do also note that government hospitals have cheaper medicines compared to a private one, and the price will depend on your condition and the category of the bite. So whatever you read in this post is my experience, and may not be the same as yours. Again, RUN TO THE NEAREST EMERGENCY ROOM NOW! and have yourself or your family member checked ASAP.

This is also me calling on the Department of Health. In this era of social media, it will be helpful if you guys put up a page or a website where patients can read about animal bites; and probably an updated list of Animal Bite Centers. Nowadays, people rely on the Internet for information, so it is best to keep them on the loop through this means. While I am thankful for the hits and happy to help, I don’t think I have all the info they need that should come from the proper authorities. So please heed my suggestion!

(I know I haven’t been very religious in updating this blog, so so sorry! This humble little nook I’ve built in cyberspace is enjoying a lot of hits from people who are looking for useful information regarding animal bites and treatments! Some of you are probably like me during the first few hours of my bite, looking for readables on how to get treated stat, because as we all know rabies is 100% fatal if left untreated!)

(Okay, enough yammering.) 

Nurse Michelle instructed me to get a blue patient card in the ER first before paying for my shots. Being that it was my first time at PGH, I got lost on my way to get that damned card. You see, the hospital is so vast that it’s very easy to get lost, and some people whom I asked for directions did not help at all. Luckily, I found a nurse who sneaked me into the closely-guarded, proxy-card-protected Emergency Room; but before I got to the information desk, I got lost again. Ack, too many corridors.

The information desk where I was to get the patient card is at the very entrance of the ER, and God knows how many patients of assorted emergency medical needs passed by me (I won’t elaborate)! Took me a good 15 minutes to get my card, then I went to pay for my shots; and again I had to hurdle through the proxy-carded door!

The cashier is in the other end of the hospital, just near its main entrance. The waiting on queue took ten to 15 minutes, but it only took three minutes to process my payment. Quick service from a government facility!

The PGH Cashier

I walked back to the Anti-Rabies Unit to get my shots from Nurse Michelle. When I arrived with complete and paid documents, she had me seated, prepared my Verorab shots and struck both my guns with the needle. All that in less than five minutes, but before I left she gave me the payment slip for the next session, giving me the option to pay for my next shot in advance, or on the next scheduled date.

I was given a vaccine schedule card at PGH ARU; and that’s the blue patient card behind it!

Easy? Yes! I actually prefer going to PGH than San Lazaro because:

  • San Lazaro–being a specialized hospital on animal bites–gets too crowded on weekdays. Why? Because those who were bitten during the weekend but do not fall under their must-treat-stat category are asked to come back on regular outpatient clinic hours.
  • In San Lazaro, they do not recommend their patient to buy the whole dosage of Verorab–either you have to split the tab with another person or pay for the whole vial and have not one idea where the other half of the shot goes. In PGH, they have single doses ready for you and you alone, although it’s P31 more than the one in San Lazaro. (btw, a dose of Verorab at PGH costs P500)

However, if you or a loved one is badly stricken by a pet or a suspiciously-rabid animal, you may want to rush to San Lazaro because like any other hospitals, they give urgent attention to these kinds of patients; but unlike any other hospitals–especially public hospitals–don’t stock on anti-rabies vaccines, most of the time they direct patients to San Lazaro. Private hospitals, on the other hand, do have shots ready, but are too expensive! My former officemate who got bitten by a stray cat almost paid at least P8,000 for shots at a private hospital near her dorm! Que horror! Good thing though, our HMO foot the bill for the first two shots, then she continued her treatments at Bulacan, where her parents are staying.

To conclude the Animal Bite Series in my blog, let me enumerate some lessons I learned during this ordeal:

  1. Be careful! Don’t just pet that cute doggy or kitty wandering the streets! You may have earned their trust, but some of your actions may agitate them, causing them to be aggressive.
  2. Got bitten already? Don’t hurt the animal! Just let it be, let it live! It is not only humane to do so, but you also get to observe if it’s rabid or not. If the offending animal gets sick or dies on or before the second week of your bite, then it is infected with rabies. I strongly advise, though, that you must NOT wait till this happen and rush to the emergency room of your preferred hospital  to get treated!
  3. My dad tells me the story of how he was bitten by a dog, a cat and a rat during his youth; and how he treated every wound of his with garlic. My mom also tells me that his father–my grampy–used to suck the wound of their neighbour’s animal bite to cure it. Boys and girls, THIS IS SO WRONG! While my dad and maybe the whole town where my Grampy was a town official-slash-folk healer (albularyo) lived for so many years, the medical world says otherwise! Should you be a victim of an animal bite, the first thing you should do is to let the would bleed, then wash it with soap and water. After that, clean it with alcohol, Iodine tincture (popularly known as Betadine) or hand sanitizer and keep it clean until you’ve reached your preferred health service provider. I reiterate, rabies is 100% fatal, and any wound caused by an animal should be taken seriously!

As to how my wound is, it’s barely visible now; although the Verorab shots quite made a mark on both my arms, but not that much of an annoyance. Sushi is still very much alive, but she doesn’t come that often anymore! 🙂

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