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Quarter Life Crisis: The End

21 Oct

I can’t believe it’s already October, and the year’s coming to a close.

So many things happened this year. I left my job at the TV network and took a job in the automotive industry that did not prosper. I celebrated my 25th year of existence unemployed and broke, but despite that I was happy, content and very much hopeful that things will turn out the way I want to before this year ends. A week after my birthday, I got me a job I’ve been praying for since the beginning of this year. That was one marvelous and epic turn in my life, I must say.

To say that 2012 is the year of milestones for me is indeed true. I guess, this marks the end of my quarter life crisis as I’ve finally found this one happy green spot in this Earth. If I’m not mistaken, I’ve tweeted that I’ve never been this happy in my almost-five years in the professional world (I wouldn’t say corporate world because I’ve only been working as a real office girl since June with a considerable 45-day gap).

Even if my quarter life crisis has come to a close, I still have a list of things I want done before I hit 30:

  1. I still want to learn make-up artistry and….
  2. …earn a decent living out of it; to save up for the wedding and for a modern minimalist house that I hope my dad will get to design…pro bono, of course! HAHAHA!
  3. I want to travel and see Asia at the very least (although I still want a Parisian honeymoon, or see the Northern Lights, but I think these can wait :D)
  4. I want to climb Mt. Pinatubo or see the South China Sea from the highest and the most picturesque point of Batanes
  5. I want to marry my best friend and the love of my life (this can happen WHEN i’m thirty, though!)
  6. I want my career high to happen before I get married, so that when my kids are born I will be able to give at least 70% of my time to them and my (future) husband.

Don’t get me wrong though on items 1 and 2! I love my current job and the people I’m with but it would be very nice if I have another money-generating endeavour aside from my full-time job. Right?

I don’t have much wishes to fulfill. You see, it’s just more of something I can (humble-)brag to my kids and my grandkids that hey, Mummy/Lola was able to do this and that at this age; or make my parents proud that I’ve achieved something. With that, I’ve established this as an attainable goal to myself, and I am so going to stick with it!