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Short hair: Check!

16 Jun

I did it.

It was part of my New Year’s Resolution, among other things that still needs to be accomplished before this year ends. There’s no one stopping me, not one speck on this planet. Not one.

Well, except for my hairdresser.

Remember when I said I wanted a Michelle Williams pixie? Josie of Elevation Salon vehemently said no, it does not suit you. It will not complement the shape of your face. Your hair strands are too fine.

No, Kassy. Not pixie.

Because she’s been our family’s go-to person when it comes to hair styling (yup, she’s the same Josie, formerly from Tinette and Co.) since time immemorial, I gave her my approval but not without another request:

“Can you colour it red, though?”

And her resounding YES lit up my face like a goddamn Christmas light on Christmas Eve.


It sure is a struggle to be strapped on a salon chair just reading various beauty magazines, most I’ve read gazillion times while having my nails did at a favourite nail spa near our place. A relief, indeed, that Elevation Salon has free wifi for clients and–ahem–waiting husbands and boyfriends. In fact, I was able to upload this before photo pronto on Instagram.


No, I didn’t get that bored since my college best friend A of Dominadorable fame (fame talaga?!) tagged along with me to have her virgin hair coloured by a pro for the first time. Yay, A! As a matter of fact, it was our first salon bonding time together in our nine years of friendship! We enjoyed our treatments, since we were well taken cared of by the salon staff, plus the place is so spacious, unlike other salons that are too cramped and too noisy!

I didn’t realize that time was running fast, that my treatments are over and my hair cut short. I was kept busy by friends’ well wishes on IG and Facebook on my long-awaited makeover.


Photo taken by the boyfriend, who came all the way from a company outing (Top: From Mom; Lounge Pants: Uniqlo; Shoes: SM Parisian+)


Here we are! All new and purrrty and celebrating our ninth year of friendship!


Just a little back store: I got to know A during our college orientation at La Salle. There was a vacant seat next to this scrawny, metal-mouthed girl and the Lasallian Ambassador assigned to us had me sit beside her. I was this noisy kid trying to be friendly (and noisy) with everyone and there she was, sinking on her seat wondering what the forks she got into. Haha! Love you, A!


And of course, we are well-supported by our loves! Yay!!!

(Elevation Salon is at the Building 3 of Jannov Plaza, 2295 Pasong Tamo Ext., Makati City. It’s right in front of Saatchi House, and just beside where Juju Eats is.)


Oh, June!

16 Jun

Yea yea, I know I haven’t updated this since last month. I promised to talk about my hair makeover but things got in the way! So what better way to make up to y’all is to get things done!

The month of June has been consistently notorious for throwing sh*t at me. No matter how much I say, “June, please be awesome!” or “June, please be good to me!”, it will never happen. Looking at the bright side though, the past five Junes have taught me that, well, sh*t do happen and when it does, you gotta learn from it! No use sulking and crying over spilled milk!

We’re halfway past June and although as usual, things did not turn out the way I wanted it to be (I’ll blog about this later, PROMISE!) I was able to catch up on rest and realise that health is indeed wealth! So yay for midyear lifestyle changes for me! ๐Ÿ˜‰

What should you expect from me, then?


From long locks to a lob, aka long bob! Just because my hairstylist vetoed my pixie cut plan. Not complaining! ๐Ÿ™‚


Measles schmeasles, and my mandatory house arrest on the first half of June

Not much, I know! Will absolutely make time for this baby! Stick around, y’all! ๐Ÿ™‚

The road to pixie

6 Jan
Do I look like Snape here?

Do I look like Snape here?

So today I had my hair cut. No no no, not the รผber short hair I blogged about previously!ย Well, I was getting uncomfortable with my bra-length locks that I decided to have it snipped off till a bit past my shoulders.

Thanks to the very talented Josie of Tinette and Co.–to whom I owe the life of the lifeless limp, flat and fine hair since two years ago!)–I now present you the prelude to the pixie!


I may not be smiling here because of lack of sleep, but I really like my hair and I love it short! Although this one’s not a new look to me, having short hair makes me feel light and younger!

I already have my mind set on 15th May to have the haircut of the year. I also told Josie that I might want my hair red this time. Yippee! So excited! ๐Ÿ™‚

Tinette & Co. is located at Forbeswood Heights, Rizal Drive, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. It’s a stone’s throw away from The Mind Museum, Net One; and for those who loves dem Bufallo Chicken Tenders and its buy-one-get-one drinks before 8pm, it shares the same location as Bugsy’s Burgos Circle!

The Mane Story

16 Dec

I am currently sporting a bra-strap-length hair. This has been the longest I’ve grown my hair after 2006 for my college graduation picture.

Eons ago

This wasย eons ago back in 2007. Pardon the grime, our maid broke the original frame the school gave me. I don’t know how it got that dirty, I wasn’t home when that happened.

Truth is, I hate growing my hair long! Why? Because I hate tying it up on a bun and I hate just letting it flow and blocking my sight. My long hair also lacks volume that it just lays flat like a doggie playing dead! And in between summer and rainy seasons, my scalp breaks into oil and flakes making a winter wonderland out of my shoulders! I hate it!!!

You may ask me why I’m still keeping my hair long. I know thatย there’s no hiding the fact that I’m fat in the face as much as my body because most times I put my hair up in a bun and marinate it with either a styling mousse or hairspray to achieve a wavy ‘do. Some say that sporting a volumized mane may emphasize one’s round face and chubby cheeks more. That’s according to beauty experts, but I don’t care because I think I still look good with wavy hair! Putting up my hair in a bun is more like for convenience because as I mentioned earlier, I don’t want hair on my mouth when I’m eating or speaking.

Pardon the duckface, but this is how my hair gets unruly and I don't mind it, really. Photo courtesy of Pop Picture. And yes that's my sweetart! Yiiiihee! :P

Pardon the duckface, but this is how my hair gets unruly and I don’t really mind. Photo courtesy of Pop Picture. And yes, that’s my sweetart! Yiiiihee! ๐Ÿ˜€ย 

Now that 2013 is fast approaching, and with a myriad of illnesses that I went through this year, I suppose it’s high time for me to lose weight not because I want to look good and I want to fit in nice clothes, but because I want to live long and to bear kids and watch and enjoy them grow. Yikes! So as a reward after losing weight next year, I plan to chop off my long tresses into something like this:

My pixie-cut hair peg. Photo courtesy of Daily Makeover

My pixie-cut hair peg. Photo courtesy of Daily Makeover.

It’s fun and practical to have a short hair!!! The last time I had my hair cut short was in second year high school because the salon lady said it will look good on me. I believed her and yes, it suits me and I liked it (unfortunately I don’t have a photo of me with short hair ready, so sorry!) I won’t have to trouble myself with a million-and-one dandruff shampoo. And I love how it needs little maintenance compared to having a flowing coiffure that gets tangled in the long run because I really don’t like combing my hair! At work, I get a lot of “Magsuklay ka naman!” and “Mahangin ba sa labas?” comments from colleagues. But hey, my hair=my life! Well, unless I’m Skype-meeting with my boss then I have to pretty up, hehe!

What do you think? ๐Ÿ™‚