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So it really is 2013!

12 Jan

January is almost halfway through and so far this new year’s treating me well!

You know, I’m not really into making new year resolutions because I have this tendency to fail miserably in committing into it. But there was this thought that buzzed my brain sometime before the new year that hey, I’m turning 26 this year and I should get my act together!

Yes, you read that right. Twenty-six. Probably means that the first quarter of my life is over but then if I point out the obvious once again I won’t make any sense at all, hehe. ANYWAY. So that really means that I’m not getting any younger and that I should keep tabs of my goals before I finally say bye-bye to my singlehood.

Wait, what?

Nope, not getting married yet, buuuuut we’re getting closer to that day! I’m now sure when though, but we’re slowly preparing ourselves to that day we decide to put a ring on it! I can’t wait!!! Maybe in 3-4 years, don’t worry I’ll let you in on the deets once we get hold of it!

And so in line with that, I’m planning to take up new hobbies this year. Since some people apparently like my penmanship, I am thinking of honing that skill and use it for the day we prepare for the tying-of-the-knot–bet you didn’t know that to address your invitees on the invitation, their names must be creatively scribbled with not just your everyday handwriting skillz and your trusty Panda or Pilot (or in my case, my favourites Schneider and Sharpie!) ballpen or sign pen or marker but with calligraphy! I’ve read somewhere that it is done so to maintain the formality of the occasion and for the invitation to be something that came from the heart of the engaged couple. So if I practise it well enough I might turn it into an income-generating one, too! But first things first, of course, I should invest on some stuff to get the ball rollin’–like those nibs and inks pros use–and a lot of practise will help a whole lot!

Another plan this year is to take up make-up lessons. It’s not really a new hobby for me because if you know me long enough, you would’ve known about my short-lived make-up gigs with a former colleague. I enjoyed it while it lasted and it took me this long to realise that hey, I suppose it’s about time to refresh my skills and get it from a pro! That is why two of my best friends and I signed up for a Make-up 101 session next month, and you have no idea how excited I am!

I still have a lot of things in mind to do this 2013. As soon as I gather my thoughts I’ll let you in on my new hobbies here, and see from time to time how well I’ll fare! Toodles!