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25 Apr

I now have the proofread copy of the short story I’m submitting for this contest I mentioned in a previous post. I also had it peer-reviewed by several people; and will get into their comments and a wee bit of tweaking as soon as I get home later at midnight.

Meanwhile, I just feasted on a vegan dinner with officemates at Greens. A rare occasion, I must say since we’re so used to eating fast food and heavily processed-and-preserved foods. What I’m going to show you now is a vegetarian barbecue meal I had. Sumptuous and guilt-free. Yummy.

Greens' Vegetarian Barbecue.
Yum minus the guilt.

Greens’ Vegetarian Barbecue.
Yum minus the guilt.


So hottt

24 Apr

Even Mao can’t stand the heat! For the meantime, he asks, “I can haz your crunchy eggz?”

The heat has been unbearable! Since March, I’ve been bathing a maximum of five times a day, during weekends and I have got not a plan to go out because it’s hell outside.

Thing is, I also can’t stay inside my room because that part of the house is where the sun sets. So parang pugon talaga sa kwarto ko! It’s so bad that my Fittonia is starting to wilt; its leaves are starting to fall off! Le zad. 😦

I don’t know what fortune I have that my shift this month starts at 3pm. Though it’s maddening hot whenever I leave for work and after I park my car, I just think about how comfy it is in the office with the aircon blasting cold air. Ahhhh. Pneumonia, anyone?

Speaking of pneumonia, doing such also induce cough and colds. The virus are currently doing its rounds here in the office. Thankfully, I was spared with the fever and sniffles that came with it. I’m still coughing, though.

Aside from the soothing aircon’d room, what else gives comfort but food! Hot or cold weather, food never fails. During our daily snacks before starting our daily grind, my colleagues and I set out to the nearest street food stand near our office. Our daily fare consists of quail and chicken eggs dipped in flavourful yellow flour and deep-fried crunchy. I did not bring enough change so I settled for chicken eggs.

Yummy freshly cooked kwek-kwek

Yummy freshly cooked kwek-kwek

Soon after finishing our eggs, le wild mamang sorbetero appears! Oh joy!

Dirty ice cream on sugar cone. Haven't had this for decades!

Dirty ice cream on sugar cone. Haven’t had this for decades!

Yummy dirty ice cream of different flavours: chocolate, avocado and cheese. It has been a long time since I last ate one, and it better be good! And boy, it was good.

I just hope the heat mellows down, like pronto. News just in that today was the hottest at 36 degrees! That’s hot!!! I’m scared of having heat stroke and a skyrocketing electricity bill!

How do you combat this heat?

Blackberry blogging part 2, sans WiFi connection

24 Apr

Let’s see how this goes.

So while we’re at it, let me tell you about this cupcake. It was my niece’s birthday last Sunday, and weeks before that I planned on ordering her favourite chocolate cake through my friend, Jen. She–together with her mother-in-law–bakes the meanest pastries! So yummy! So I consulted her on what cake recipe and design I should order for our not-so-little girl, who was turning 9. Jen suggested that they used her MIL’s good ol’ recipe, and I agreed.

When I got home, I went online and stumbled on this 9gag post (yes, 9gag has my soul too!). It was what looked like a mocha cupcake with blue icing and a rainbow tape arched between clouds of white icing! I was puking rainbows, and I knew right then and there that my niece would love it. I shared the post with Jen and told her that I’d like to order cupcakes instead, channeling that 9gag post.

Sunday came, and while the family’s having lunch, Jen arrived with his husband (also my boss and an awesome photographer!) Kuya Neil to deliver the goodies. Boy oh boy! When I showed the cupcakes to the rest of the family, they were all impressed! It was beautiful! My niece loved it, especially the icing. I had the blue icing replaced with purple because it was my niece’s favourite colour. She was ecstatic to share her cake with her guests.

Well, we only had a simple family gathering to just celebrate her birthday with a simple feast of lasagna, barbecue and cake–all her favourite fare. It was only us, plus our cousin and my loves who came to celebrate. It was truly priceless πŸ™‚

Okay, so I guess I’m done making kwento!

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Blackberry blogging

24 Apr

After composing my first entry yesterday afternoon, I immediately downloaded a WordPress app for my phone. You see, I spend more time with my phone than with any other gadgets I own, and I love how functional Blackberry is. Especially for heavy social network users and chronic online chatters like me. While I am aware that iPhone does the same with iMessage and whatnots, I just feel comfortable with my BB. Before I decided to get a Blackberry almost a year ago, I had into consideration that I don’t really play games on my phone, save for the occassional Sudoku and Bejewelled; and that as I’ve mentioned, I’m a heavy social media user. Guess I’m okay having my dose of Temple Run and Draw Something (which I’m really, really terrible at!) whenever my dad’s not using his iPad.

I digress.

This is actually a test run if this app works just as fine as the web version. Note that I’ve been trying to upload this entry since 9pm, as you may have noticed the time on image above; and that this is the third time I’m revising this entry, adding this chunk of paragraph. I’ve sought help from WordPress gods through Google, and I hope this thing work. For chrissakes, it’s already 2am!

So let’s try this one more time.