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Nails nails nails

13 May

I have a confession to make: I have a thing for nicely-shaped-and-groomed nails. Be it toenails or fingernails, basta whenever I meet a person for the first time I just have to see either of the two. Or both!

When it comes to the personal upkeep of my nails, I have my numbers cleaned regularly by a professional. Although I can do it myself, I just don’t have confidence that I’m doing it right. And most times I don’t, so I leave it to the care of the pros. πŸ˜€

I won’t get a scolding from my kindergarten teacher this time!
New custom flipflops from Make Your Own Havaianas 2012 last Friday

I always instruct my favourite nail technician (which btw, is in Nail Loft Scout Gandia branch) to shape my toenails square, just push the cuticles and nip the hangnails or whatever’s unsightly thing that’s hanging around my feet. Every three weeks or so I get a good foot scrubbin’ and every other month I allow my nail tech to dig into my ingrown. Same with my fingernails, sans the pushing of cuticle because I don’t like the sight of ridges on my nails–yes, manicures cause ridges! So I just instruct her to file my nails square and just nip those nasty ones outta my sight. And then there’s the occasional nail polish.Β Oh and did I mention that I cut my own nails before leaving for maniped sessions? But on a regular day when I don’t want to fuss over wet and chipped manipeds, that’s about it!

The last time I had nail color on my fingernails was December last year, during my future brother-in-law’s wedding. After that, I noticed my nails riddled with white spots and deep ridges. Horror! So I had to quit the nail lacquer no matter how much I love having a burst of pink or red or green on my fingers. Also, I ask my nail tech to hold pushing my cuticles so newly-grown nails won’t ridge, a visible sign that nails are stripped of its natural health. I sometimes still have my toenails painted pretty, but only for special events where I need to pretty meself up.

You don’t really have to go to a nail spa or spend a lot to prettify your paws! Whenever I need my quick fix, I go to the neighbourhood salon which I lovingly called “The Parlor.” Yeah, it’s not the place to unwind but if like me, you need a quick fix and you don’t mind the constant chatter and chismisan of nail technicians and other employees in Bekinese, go ahead! But if you want that serenity while you’re being pampered and kneaded to the point that you’re almost reaching inception, go to a nail spa. It’s the best way to treat those two hardworking pairs of your body, and if only they can speak, they will thank you for it!

And oh, don’t forget to put lotion on ’em! Slather up!