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Sample! Sample! Sample!

28 Oct

My mom told me that I have this bad habit of buying beauty products, only to waste an enormous amount of money once I discover that my skin reacts differently to an ingredient, or I find it too tedious to apply, or just because I’ve purchased another product with the same purpose, and later on I will just dump it and forget about. It’s a cycle, really. Most times these products end up expiring, or my mom finishes it for me; and at rare times I give it to our household help. Early this year, I cleared my dresser of stuff that I don’t use anymore, and vowed not to fill up precious space with bottles upon bottles of expensive goop I don’t finish.

Enter Sample Room. I can’t remember where I discovered this gem of a site mid this year where users are given points to sample health and beauty product for free–well, not really for free, because samplers will be asked to pay a minimal amount for shipping–and more points after writing a short product review. My first sample was a cleansing cream that, unfortunately, did not meet my expectations. Can you imagine yourself buying a full product size amounting to around Php 1000k, and not use it? That’s frikkin’ expensive for a product that is said to be good in what it does, but in reality it’s the other way around!

A few weeks back, the drugstore sunblock I’ve been using ran out already. I’ve been meaning to replace it, but I delayed purchasing a new brand. I wanted to try VMV’s Armada line of sunscreen because I’ve been hearing from beauty experts that by far it’s the best sunscreen in the market; and being a VMV Id user for almost a year now, it must be really good! Off I went to the nearest VMV to inquire about the price, and it costs an arm and a leg! Hehe no, not really, but it’s enough to feed me til the next pay day.

I mulled it over for weeks, searching for cheaper alternatives over the net. I was about to doze off when I told myself that I’ll be opening my last webpage for the day–Sample Room. Lo and behold, they have samples of VMV Armada Sport! Without batting an eyelash, I ordered my sample and paid for it the next day.

This package greeted me this morning:



















The vial: Cute! It also came with a branded spatula. Thoughtful, isn’t it?


The goop. It’s not runny nor too thick. It didn’t feel heavy or sticky at all when I slathered it onto my face.















Today I went out to exercise my right to suffrage for the barangay elections. The precinct is just a few blocks away, so I put on some sunscreen on my face. It’s not at all sticky, and my face didn’t sting at all even under the blasting heat of the noon sun.

Verdict: I like it! I might even use it as a make-up primer and be ultimately useful for beach trips, field work and other tasks that requires me to stay under the sun for hours! Because it’s extra creamy sans the heaviness, a little goes a long way and it covers a huge surface of the skin. Talk about value for my moolah!

How about you, have you tried ordering trial packs from Sampleroom.ph?