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Yesterday’s rain

18 Jun

If you’re one of the multitude of motorists or commuters who got stuck in the terrible EDSA jam or the mile-long queue going into the MRT, I wish to congratulate you for surviving yesterday!

I, too, was affected by the horror story that is commuting in Metro Manila after a torrential downpour.

At 3pm, the clouds are showing telling signs that no, you’re bound to stay late in the office; and that probably includes some time in traffic.


We busied ourselves with work (of course, that’s after whipping out our smartphones to Instagram the Armageddon-ish skies) and forgot for awhile how bad the weather is outside. Colleagues who are fixing themselves a cup of coffee in the pantry gave us blow-by-blow updates if the rain’s starting to fall, or if people on the streets have their umbrellas opened already; or how the EDSA traffic situation is faring at that time.

5pm-ish, the rain fell. Hard. Our accountant, who came in soggy from our sister company some two blocks away reported that it’s already half-tire flooded in front of our building. Yikes. Everyone decided to camp out in the office while it’s still stormy outside and traffic is a standstill. I took the chance to clean my desk after my two-week mandatory hiatus (which I will talk about in the next coming posts). Sorry, forgot to take photos.

For the last time, I checked our window facing EDSA if the jam is still that terrible (it still was). It was getting late and the rain don’t seem to want to let up; but at least at around past 8pm it was just drizzling. Still can’t decide at this point if I should take the bus or the train going home.


At 9pm, my colleagues N, C, A and I packed up and left the office. N headed towards Pasig where she lives, A walked towards Podium where she’s parked; while C and I walked to Galleria terminals to see if we could take our respective routes there. The lines are too long and the buses and shuttles are too packed, so we retreated to Megamall where we separated and headed to our own destinations.

I was supposed to take the bus going Fairview but to my dismay, there were no buses entering the Megamall bus bays and commuters have started to parade EDSA hoping that there will be buses willing to take them in. Nah, don’t want to trouble myself doing that, so I walked to the Ortigas station of the MRT, where I had to endure the looooong lines. Apparently, there were trains that broke down, hence the delay and the congestion in the northbound concourses. Past 10pm. Le sigh.

I arrived Kamuning a few minutes before 11pm. That’s after battling it out with other passengers who pushed themselves into the train. God, I almost made out with the train door! That’s how cramped the train was. To add to the frustration, there were no tricycles or cabs available at the street level of the station, so I had to walk towards GMA to hail a cab.

I got home a little past 11pm, tired, spent and beaten up. Oh hello there, rainy season.


Oh, June!

16 Jun

Yea yea, I know I haven’t updated this since last month. I promised to talk about my hair makeover but things got in the way! So what better way to make up to y’all is to get things done!

The month of June has been consistently notorious for throwing sh*t at me. No matter how much I say, “June, please be awesome!” or “June, please be good to me!”, it will never happen. Looking at the bright side though, the past five Junes have taught me that, well, sh*t do happen and when it does, you gotta learn from it! No use sulking and crying over spilled milk!

We’re halfway past June and although as usual, things did not turn out the way I wanted it to be (I’ll blog about this later, PROMISE!) I was able to catch up on rest and realise that health is indeed wealth! So yay for midyear lifestyle changes for me! πŸ˜‰

What should you expect from me, then?


From long locks to a lob, aka long bob! Just because my hairstylist vetoed my pixie cut plan. Not complaining! πŸ™‚


Measles schmeasles, and my mandatory house arrest on the first half of June

Not much, I know! Will absolutely make time for this baby! Stick around, y’all! πŸ™‚

So hottt

24 Apr

Even Mao can’t stand the heat! For the meantime, he asks, “I can haz your crunchy eggz?”

The heat has been unbearable! Since March, I’ve been bathing a maximum of five times a day, during weekends and I have got not a plan to go out because it’s hell outside.

Thing is, I also can’t stay inside my room because that part of the house is where the sun sets. So parang pugon talaga sa kwarto ko! It’s so bad that my Fittonia is starting to wilt; its leaves are starting to fall off! Le zad. 😦

I don’t know what fortune I have that my shift this month starts at 3pm. Though it’s maddening hot whenever I leave for work and after I park my car, I just think about how comfy it is in the office with the aircon blasting cold air. Ahhhh. Pneumonia, anyone?

Speaking of pneumonia, doing such also induce cough and colds. The virus are currently doing its rounds here in the office. Thankfully, I was spared with the fever and sniffles that came with it. I’m still coughing, though.

Aside from the soothing aircon’d room, what else gives comfort but food! Hot or cold weather, food never fails. During our daily snacks before starting our daily grind, my colleagues and I set out to the nearest street food stand near our office. Our daily fare consists of quail and chicken eggs dipped in flavourful yellow flour and deep-fried crunchy. I did not bring enough change so I settled for chicken eggs.

Yummy freshly cooked kwek-kwek

Yummy freshly cooked kwek-kwek

Soon after finishing our eggs, le wild mamang sorbetero appears! Oh joy!

Dirty ice cream on sugar cone. Haven't had this for decades!

Dirty ice cream on sugar cone. Haven’t had this for decades!

Yummy dirty ice cream of different flavours: chocolate, avocado and cheese. It has been a long time since I last ate one, and it better be good! And boy, it was good.

I just hope the heat mellows down, like pronto. News just in that today was the hottest at 36 degrees! That’s hot!!! I’m scared of having heat stroke and a skyrocketing electricity bill!

How do you combat this heat?