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Hey 2014!

26 Jan

OMG I HAVEN’T BLOGGED IN YEARS!!! Ok that’s exag, but seriously, I haven’t touched this thing for months! I’ve been meaning to, you know?ย 

Anywho, I know it’s late for me to greet everyone a Happy 2014 but hey it’s never too late as Chinese New Year’s coming up so Xin Nian Kuai Le! I’m pretty optimistic about this year, and just like my awesome 2013, I hope that this New Year will be as fun, thrilling and of course, more successful.ย 

Oh, and have I mentioned about my new work? Haha! That’s keeping me busy since I was hired late last year. I’ve big shoes to fill and more challenges to face, but rest assured that this year I won’t be abandoning this space for a long period…promise! ๐Ÿ˜‰


Yesterday’s rain

18 Jun

If you’re one of the multitude of motorists or commuters who got stuck in the terrible EDSA jam or the mile-long queue going into the MRT, I wish to congratulate you for surviving yesterday!

I, too, was affected by the horror story that is commuting in Metro Manila after a torrential downpour.

At 3pm, the clouds are showing telling signs that no, you’re bound to stay late in the office; and that probably includes some time in traffic.


We busied ourselves with work (of course, that’s after whipping out our smartphones to Instagram the Armageddon-ish skies) and forgot for awhile how bad the weather is outside. Colleagues who are fixing themselves a cup of coffee in the pantry gave us blow-by-blow updates if the rain’s starting to fall, or if people on the streets have their umbrellas opened already; or how the EDSA traffic situation is faring at that time.

5pm-ish, the rain fell. Hard. Our accountant, who came in soggy from our sister company some two blocks away reported that it’s already half-tire flooded in front of our building. Yikes. Everyone decided to camp out in the office while it’s still stormy outside and traffic is a standstill. I took the chance to clean my desk after my two-week mandatory hiatus (which I will talk about in the next coming posts). Sorry, forgot to take photos.

For the last time, I checked our window facing EDSA if the jam is still that terrible (it still was). It was getting late and the rain don’t seem to want to let up; but at least at around past 8pm it was just drizzling. Still can’t decide at this point if I should take the bus or the train going home.


At 9pm, my colleagues N, C, A and I packed up and left the office. N headed towards Pasig where she lives, A walked towards Podium where she’s parked; while C and I walked to Galleria terminals to see if we could take our respective routes there. The lines are too long and the buses and shuttles are too packed, so we retreated to Megamall where we separated and headed to our own destinations.

I was supposed to take the bus going Fairview but to my dismay, there were no buses entering the Megamall bus bays and commuters have started to parade EDSA hoping that there will be buses willing to take them in. Nah, don’t want to trouble myself doing that, so I walked to the Ortigas station of the MRT, where I had to endure the looooong lines. Apparently, there were trains that broke down, hence the delay and the congestion in the northbound concourses. Past 10pm. Le sigh.

I arrived Kamuning a few minutes before 11pm. That’s after battling it out with other passengers who pushed themselves into the train. God, I almost made out with the train door! That’s how cramped the train was. To add to the frustration, there were no tricycles or cabs available at the street level of the station, so I had to walk towards GMA to hail a cab.

I got home a little past 11pm, tired, spent and beaten up. Oh hello there, rainy season.

Quarter Life Crisis: The End

21 Oct

I can’t believe it’s already October, and the year’s coming to a close.

So many things happened this year. I left my job at the TV network and took a job in the automotive industry that did not prosper. I celebrated my 25th year of existence unemployed and broke, but despite that I was happy, content and very much hopeful that things will turn out the way I want to before this year ends. A week after my birthday, I got me a job I’ve been praying for since the beginning of this year. That was one marvelous and epic turn in my life, I must say.

To say that 2012 is the year of milestones for me is indeed true. I guess, this marks the end of my quarter life crisis as I’ve finally found this one happy green spot in this Earth. If I’m not mistaken, I’ve tweeted that I’ve never been this happy in my almost-five years in the professional world (I wouldn’t say corporate world because I’ve only been working as a real office girl since June with a considerable 45-day gap).

Even if my quarter life crisis has come to a close, I still have a list of things I want done before I hit 30:

  1. I still want to learn make-up artistry and….
  2. …earn a decent living out of it; to save up for the wedding and for a modern minimalist house that I hope my dad will get to design…pro bono, of course! HAHAHA!
  3. I want to travel and see Asia at the very least (although I still want a Parisian honeymoon, or see the Northern Lights, but I think these can wait :D)
  4. I want to climb Mt. Pinatubo or see the South China Sea from the highest and the most picturesque point of Batanes
  5. I want to marry my best friend and the love of my life (this can happen WHEN i’m thirty, though!)
  6. I want my career high to happen before I get married, so that when my kids are born I will be able to give at least 70% of my time to them and my (future) husband.

Don’t get me wrong though on items 1 and 2! I love my current job and the people I’m with but it would be very nice if I have another money-generating endeavour aside from my full-time job. Right?

I don’t have much wishes to fulfill. You see, it’s just more of something I can (humble-)brag to my kids and my grandkids that hey, Mummy/Lola was able to do this and that at this age; or make my parents proud that I’ve achieved something. With that, I’ve established this as an attainable goal to myself, and I am so going to stick with it!



Back with a vengeance!

9 Jun

Hello, hello!

I haven’t been here for awhile! Reason being is I got sick, was busy doing some government paperworks, and made a big career leap! Yep, all in three weeks!

Now lemme tell you a little bit about:


My new employer called me two weeks ago, informing me that I needed to have myself cleared for work. You see, I have Polycystic Ovaries (which I mentionedย here) and the HMO apparently didn’t want to clear me for that. Also, as per my OBG, taking pills (yes, THE pills) to regulate my hormones may elevate my blood pressure. So a host of risks for having PCOS, and I can’t start my new job unless I get myself cleared!

As if not yet satisfied with our OBG’s warning that I may have hypertension due to the medications I took, my parents took me to a cardiologist who confirmed through a battery of tests that I have essential hypertension. It means that I inherited my mom’s hypertensive gene, and my weight, according to the doctor may have contributed to its early manifestation.

It did not end there! As soon as I got home, my throat started feeling weird and sore. I helped myself with a cap of Tylenol but my throat just got tight and swollen the next day. Aside from that, I had to wake up in the dead of the night because I can’t seem to stop coughing! I lost my voice eventually, and the only thing that relieved my sore throat and cough is a lozenge of Strepsils Dry Cough.

On the other hand, I was given the green light by my OBG and the cardio to start work. This is after I had my blood pressure controlled by a tablet I take every morning. And shameful as it was, I came in for my first day at work wheezing and sounding like a honking tractor. ยกQue horror for a first impression!


Completing my pre-employment requirements, I had to go through several government offices that tested my patience. I had a mindset that time not to expect so much from them, given the notoriety of inefficient service I’ve heard from people who experienced it; as well as my own experience from a few offices I had to deal with in the past.

First off I’d like to thank the gods who invented the Internet for being agents of change! Several government agencies like DFA, NBI, and PAGIBIG (the latter which I found out too late about) uses the interwebz to service the whole populace, which I believe takes off half the burden for busy people like me (chos!) It’s so easy dealing with them, especially PAGIBIG because unless you need to get your HDMF ID replaced (in my case), you don’t really need to traipse down the Quezon City area just to update your information. In just several clicks in the comfort of your own home (or office!) Less waiting, no long lines!


So during my short terminal leave before I started my new job, I sacrificed my mornings going to and from the previously-mentioned offices–save for DFA–as well as BIR and SSS. I prioritized those offices where I’ve previously experienced long lines and inefficient service. Good thing for NBI though, they now have this online application for clearances. Before signing up, I had to pay a corresponding amount in the Globe Business Center near my place. Then I was given a reference code which was asked of me when I applied for my account. Took me half an hour to fill up the online form, five minutes to send a text message for my appointment and another 5 to receive the appointment confirmation.

I drove to UN Avenue in Manila two hours earlier during my appointed date, expecting the horrible Monday traffic, lack of parking space and the long lines awaiting. I was welcomed by horde of people queued up for the manual application, and was led to the 4th floor by a kind gentleman where all the online applicants are. Much to my surprise, at 8am (I was expected to come at 9am), there were only six people waiting outside the door for data capturing, and after thirty minutes I had my turn. Then I was asked to come back after three days to claim my clearance. And so I was done even before my appointed time!

Come Thursday, I commuted back to NBI to claim my clearance. I came early so that I could go home early to prepare for my despedida in my previous job. In twenty minutes, I was already hailing a bus going home!


After my appointment with the investigating bureau, I headed home and ate lunch early and took a nap at 11am. Two hours after, I walked from home to the SSS Member’s Assistance Center at East Avenue.

It would’ve been an easy experience for me had I printed that E-6 form I downloaded in the SSS website. But because my printer’s running short of ink, I nixed that part and against my will and pride, I lined up for it. It would’ve been a breeze lining up if I wasn’t protecting my queue from uncouth people who weren’t educated enough to follow a line (I was actually stopping myself/too tired and sleepy to create a scene). Nevertheless, it was an easy feat. When I got in front of the line, I was instructed to get my number at this booth. I was given number 520 and was instructed to go to the area where window 47 is.

I looked at the electronic queue board where window 47 is, It’s not working. I went closer and settled in one of the chairs as I filled up my E6. Then the personnel began calling out numbers by batch:

“350 to 355, sa Window 46 na lang po!”

You’ve got to be kidding me.

I checked my phone for the time. 1:15pm. Despite that I stayed and patiently waited for my turn while falling countless times on Temple Run and feeding my Sushi Cat. I even finished five games of Sudoku on Easy mode and chatted with friends on BBM. Goodness me, the last time I waited this long was when I renewed my US Visa! At 2pm I was already fidgeting at how they take so long, because some ID applicants have deficiencies with their requirements. To apply for one you’ll need two IDs: a government-issued one (in my case, my driver’s license) and another valid ID, say your company or school ID. I checked the back of the E6 form, and it says there that you may present ATM cards as proof of identity. So just to avoid these unnecessary hassles, bring everything you need. And yes, you will still need a BLACK INK ballpen.

Two hours passed. At 3:15pm, numbers 516 to 520 got called. After careful scrutiny of my requirements by the SSS lady, she instructed me to go to the booth where I was to have my mug taken, as well as my fingerprints. The process took me fifteen minutes; I waited three hours for that. I asked the lady behind the mug booth how long should I wait for my ID. In six days, she said, it will be delivered to my home address.

While waiting for my card to arrive, I realized that while I was waiting for my turn, there were some people collecting their ID cards. So two week after, I went back to SSS and inquired about my ID.

Kuya, I was told by your receiving officer that I will be receiving my ID six days after my application. I applied two weeks ago and I haven’t received it. Can’t I just claim it here?”

Matagal pa po yun ma’amย (It will take long, ma’am),ย the guy behind the counter answered, poker faced and not making eye contact.ย 

“What?! Why did you guys say it will only take me six days to wait?ย Ano yun,ย joke?! (Is that a joke?!) I need my card tomorrow!”

Yung dinedeliver pa lang ngayon eh yung mga nag-apply nung February. (We’re only delivering those who applied last February.)”

“What the fuck! Seriously?!”

No answer, guy still not making eye contact.

“You condescending son of a bitch!”

I’m still waiting for my card to arrive.


Applying for a TIN ID scared me the most. I am unfamiliar with the system of BIR, and I was expecting a long queue for just a piece of paper. The night before my planned trip to the agency, I told myself I should wake up early so I won’t spend the whole day waiting in pure agony in this sweltering heat.

Alas, I woke up at half past noon! I calmly ate lunch and prepped for my trip. I was supposed to go to the gym in the afternoon had I woken up early. So if ever there’s a long line waiting for me, I’ll just postpone my TIN ID application forย  early morning the next day; and drive to the gym instead. I even planned on leaving my car at the gym and just take the jeep to the BIR in Quezon Avenue, since it’s just a stone throw away from it.

It was a sweltering Monday afternoon and the heat was driving me crazy. Before heading to the gym to leave my stuff and my car, I passed by BIR to just check if there’s parking. Oh but there’s one or two vacant parallel slots waiting for me and my truck, so I parked my car, grabbed my stuff and headed to the BIR office, where I had to ask the guard at the main door where to apply for a TIN ID.

I went as Manong Guard directed me: to the RDO where my office belongs (you may ask your dear HR generalist where yours are). I entered the cramped office, almost filled to the brim with people applying for their different needs. I asked an employee on which table to approach for TIN ID application, and he pointed me to this lady who was busy with her computer. I approached her and told her that I need a TIN ID. She then asked me for my TIN number, which she counterchecked with the system. After verifying my details, she handed me this piece of paper where I was to fill up my details. I submitted that piece of paper to the kind lady. She wrote on the tearsheet when I’m supposed to collect my ID–which is the next day at 11am, and handed it back to me. I was done in five minutes!

My dad drove me to the BIR post again the next day to collect my ID. Again, it took me five minutes to queue and collect my ID. That was the shortest time I had to stay inside a government office!


After 4ยฝ years working for the TV station, I finally let go and dove into another field that I’ve bee always interested about–marketing! I’ve always known that I have a knack for it, letting others aware of the brand by enticing them, not hard-selling. Although my new work doesn’t involve me actually selling stuff, my job description says that I have to help the sellers sell through various marketing requirements–be it posters, flyers or events. I still can’t say so much about it, as I’ve only been in the job for two weeks. The past week has been packed and busy but very productive. But nevertheless, it’s fun and exciting despite the long hours. I appreciate that I’m learning so much about the job, the market and myself.ย I know I have little experience, but right now I can see that it’s a very promising job, and I can’t wait to flourish in this profession!

So given that, I will still try my best to update this! There’s so much going on and I also have big plans for this blog. That’s what you gotta see soon, so stand by! ๐Ÿ™‚